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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  May 10, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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. tonight a woman's dying wish to be buried at arlington, she served as a nurse. we look at what's in the way of her final resting place. >> it's nice to have a list, to have somebody do the research. >> parents can have a say on which elements used to protect their children. do you have to pay more though? >> i didn't know if i was ever going to be able to run. >> and an unusual procedure to help this boy live the life he wanted. why a doctor put his foot where his knee should be, backwards. >> now, abc 2news at 11. >> and a man killed after his car went off the road. we are giving you the tools to escape a similar situation.
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new, a local woman's fight to honor her mother's memory. >> it's a story that starts in the south during world war ii and ends with a woman who died more than a month ago and hasn't been buried. >> reporter: during world war ii lieutenant louise lomack was one of the few african american to serve as a nurse. she hoped to be buried at arlington, her only child has been fighting to make it happen. >> this is my mother. she was in her early 20s here. >> reporter: she grew up in southern virginia and tried to join the army. her daughter said because of her race she had to fight to get in. >> she didn't talk a lot about it. i saw her scrap book. >> reporter: as that scrap book shows in 1943 she was assigned to an air base in alabama.
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she was discharged ten years later, got married stayed a nurse. as her health went down she and her daughter discussed her wishes. >> she said well, my first choice was arlington. >> reporter: many of the airmen are buried there but space is limited so there are restrictions, veterans who served a full 20 years, died in combat or were award certain medals qualify, others don't. cremated remains can be put there. >> but our family doesn't do that. >> reporter: after she died on april 1st pia jordon said the staff at arlington said her mother could be buried there. >> they said you could bury her there if we delayed the burial . >> reporter: so they waited, and waited, and still, more than a month later the body
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remains in a fridge waiting for her final resting place. the storage fee, $45 a day continues to add up. >> i'm embarrassed i have to have my mother -- she is in a fridge. that is hurtful. this is your mom. >> reporter: this week jordon sent a letter to her congressman pushing for an exemption. it's not long how it might take but she is determined to fight fort wishes of a woman who had to fight to get into the military in the first place. >> i want that story to go out. i want her -- i would like her to be buried there. >> reporter: we didn't get a call back from arlington to discuss the story but according to the cemetery's regulations exceptions can be granted for veterans whose service merits extraordinary circumstances and if that doesn't displace another veteran from arlington.
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>> thank you. tonight the search for a missing elderly man is over. rescue crews pulled his body still inside his car from a creek. a passerby spotted the car in broad creek along the northbound lane of the road. track marks left behind led authorities to believe the driver, 72-year-old edward jackson just missed the guardrail as his car went in to the creek. responders don't know when the accident happened but there is evidence that the victim may not have died on impact. >> it looks like the driver side rear window -- was bulged out like he tried to kick it out. >> jackson's family reported him missing on monday and a an aalert was issued. accident victims dieing in cars under water may be more common than you think.
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one study found about 400 americans die a year that day. in2007 an 18-year-old was found alive seven days after his car went into a creek. after he got out of the car he climbed up to the road. preparation is the best way to get out alive. workers say there are relatively inexpensive tools like the life hammer that you should keep in the car. jamie is live from the garage. he is putting one of the tools to the test. >> reporter: all right. this is called the life hammer. it started in the netherlands. you can usually buy it online for about 15 or $20, a couple hardware stores have it to. this is where you get out. this is the life safer. saver. a lot of people put it in the glove com partment. local fire departments say it's good to have. the key is where to tap the
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window when you are trapped. you won't have the imad -- you want to tap the corner, don't tap in here, you want to tap there. we will try it, ready? there it goes, just like that. i'm getting out. there you have it. that will save a life. let's make sure everybody is sa . >> jamie is handy with the hammer there. no question about that. good job out there. take a look at this. clouds rolling in this evening and we think there could be -- some of the low lying valleys a patch or two of fog, at one point we thought we would see more. that looks like it won't happen. the radar all clear, little ground clutter down here toward
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washington but no rain with that, temperatures running fairly mild, 68 at inner harbor, 50s from cambridge to frederick. overnight around 52, partly cloudy, calm and cool. we will talk about when the stretch of dry weather will start to take a change -- a turn for something different coming up. >> thank you. it's now time to go through your sports gear. we have been watching the debate over concussions for some time. cheryl connor is live after talking to the ravens team doctor about results of this study. >> reporter: there is a word of caution about the findings tonight but we can say this, it's the first time you can take a list and make a more educated choice about which helmet your child will wear. the hard knocks the football players are shielded by helmets
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but now head protection is getting knocked to the bottom of a new ratings list. brian is a defensive lineman. >> you don't know where you are sometimes, just in daze. >> reporter: he is recognized by the baltimore touchdown club tuesday night, picking the best helmet to cut down on the number of concussions is the force behind a virginia tech, wake forest study. the eight year study looked at 120 impacts to ten different helmets. it's the first time they have given consumers a list of the top rated gear to help prevent a concussion. dr. andy tucker said parents, players and coaches should be caution about the findings. >> while it's important to know -- whether a helmet preforms better in the lab that mayor may not translate into
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performance on the field and decreasing concussion rate on the field. >> reporter: the study -- rydell is at the bottom. , the dsr4 model got one star and you -- one model not recommended is more expensive than a four star. we learned nearly 40% of nfl players and 75,000 high school and college players wore the vsr4. his father said it's nice to know he can do his own homework on the helmet. >> it's nice to have a list, it's nice to have somebody do the research on things because we don't know this stuff. we don't know how good they are. >> and we want to mention the rydell was discontinued. we have set up a concussion resource guide on the website and you will find the latest
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study, also a link to the information about the ten helmets, the rankings, whether or not they got five stars, four, three, two or one and the prices. >> well today the president took his call for changing the immigration laws to the border. he came to the border to seat stepped up security measures. he also wanted to send a message back to washington that the system is broken and needs to be fixed. republicans are opposed to laws they say creates a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants. >> the governor of maryland was also tackling the issue. today the dream act was signed. the legislation lets illegal immigrants pay in-state tuition rates at colleges. they have to prove their parents pay taxes, attend community college for two years and the males have to register for selective service, opponents say they will work to
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get signatures to let voters overturn the law. the governor sign aid number of other bills today, some of the stand outs include one to create a prescription drug monitoring system, one letting you have wine shipped to your home and one allowing medical marijuana patiented avoid being punished if they have a doctor's permission. >> our gas card give away, albert jay, you know him as dr. jay. texted in the code word solutions sir albert and for your chance to win watch the code word good morning maryland starting at 4:30 and send it to 46988 or e-mail it to gas card at each afternoon we will pick a winner . >> and this next story coming
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up you are will feel for this dad. all he wants to the person who murdered his little girl. >> it's a cold case we are focusing on tonight. >> and you would think we would have thought of this by now. if you are away from the tv or radio now you will be able to get the emergency alerts directly to the cell phone. >> and a teen climbed the hill of unbelievable medicine and is on the hill of a baseball field with a foot that's been set backwards. you have to see this story coming up.
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. the mississippi continues to flood neighborhoods as it rolls toward the gulf. it's crested in memphis at levels not seen since the 30s. it's devastated farms and buildings including several casinos. it's expected to take days for it to go down. >> the government is working on a way to tell you on your cell phone if there is an
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emergency. fema will send texts in case of a weather or national security concern. it's all based on where your cell phone is physically, not the area code for the phone number. the alerts are expected to be available to everybody by next april. they will be tested in new york and dc. ♪ [ music ] >> she was daddy's little girl. taken way to soon and now here we are 37 years later and still so many questions, who killed her? and why? watergate was underway,. > 23-year-old phyllis was murdered. her father talks about his quest for answers. ♪ [ music ] >> she was the apple of his eye. >> she was my guiding star.
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>> reporter: phyllis the oldest of his four children, well loved by family, friends and co workers. >> she was out going and -- she was friendly with everybody. >> reporter: on a sunny day in march of 1974, all of that was taken away. it was maryland day and as an employee of the dmv phyllis had the day off. she planned to spend it with a friend shopping. her dad was at work when he got a call. >> my sister-in-law called and said that phyllis was in an accident. >> reporter: not knowing what was happening he called phyllis's house. nobody answered so he called police. >> they said to come down to the police station. >> reporter: it was there they said she had been stabbed, his baby girl was dead. phyllis was newly married.
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they live add long a dirt road in a rural area so there weren't a lot of neighbors to hear anything. there was no evidence of a break-in and nothing was taken but police believe whoever did it knew she would be there and went there to kill her. >> appears she may have known the suspect. >> reporter: the detective in charge of the case, he has spent the past three years going over the case file looking for anything that may have been missed. one thing seems certain. >> it appears it was a crime of passion or somebody had interest of -- with her. >> reporter: his main goal now is to resubmit evidence in the case to look for dna. >> technology now is a lot different than in 1974. so that's one of the things. what tests were done, what tests can we do again that may be better. >> reporter: he hopes the dna will turn up a match pointing
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him to the killer. >> very frustrating for the family because we have not solved the case and it's a lot of responsibility. it's always in the back of your mind. >> reporter: responsibility to a family who has gone 37 years without any answers. >> i don't think you can give a victims or survivors closure but you can help them move on. >> reporter: phyllis's father is now 82 and worries every day that he will leave this earth without knowing what happened to his little girl. >> i'm 82. this has bugged me for 37 years. i would just like to see something happen before i'm gone. >> reporter: like the detective he knows that someone has information and all he can do is plead for them to come forward. >> it would mean a lot to me.
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>> reporter: megan pringle,abc 2news. >> if you have information call the detective, the number 410-222-3460. you know 23 you want to leave the tip anonymously call crime stoppers, 1-866-7 lock up and you can text your tip to crimes or submit it online to metro crime for case details on the death and all the other cold cases we have covered you can go to abc cases, you will find pictures, interviews and more details about each case. facebook is under fire tonight after reports found millions of the site's users are underage. policies don't let anyone under 13 use the site but according to the report more than 7 million of the networking sites users are under the age of 13. the report showed that most parents weren't worried with
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their kid's accounts. if you are one of those parents trying to stay ahead of your kids online just head to the website, last night we told you about simple stuff to keep your kids safe. you can find that story under the money tab, then click on technology. >> i can't get enough of that news here tonight. a 13-year-old boy is back on the field of dreams tonight because of a very unusual surgery. dugan smith had a tumor on his thigh. they did a radical surgery, a procedure to let full growth of the leg, doctors removed the middle part of his leg, rotated the foot 180-degrees so now the ankle joint functions as the knee joint. >> i didn't know if i was ever going to be able to run again. i didn't know if it was going to work. there were a hundred things. >> reporter: now he is running again. he is back on the mound,
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pitching, because of a rare surgery and a new leg. unbelievable. >> now, maryland's most powerful radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate. >> take a look right now, temperature 60 degrees at pwi. humidity still low, 55% and i just don't think there will be enough moisture to create much in the way of fog, at one point we thought we could see fog. we saw beautiful weather and take a look at the sunset that we are getting out near druid park. just finding a lovely afternoon and evening in baltimore. temperatures now 68 degrees. downtown, 55 frederick and 63 in washington. neighborhood by neighborhood tomorrow we are back into the mid-70s. i think we will see clouds, especially at times over taking the sky but a mix of sun and clouds through the day, 76, we
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are talking about 75owings mill, carol maybe 74, 75 westminister. clouds have drifted in tonight. active weather maker out to the west. storm blowing up, missing us to the south and west. then another storm continuing to spin its way off ocean city, several hundred miles out. that retro low will continue to spin toward the beaches, it's kind of capturing some of the moisture on the north part of this storm. baltimore and maryland between two weather systems. we will stay dry but again that chance for mixed cloud cover, not great blue skies, 52, partly cloudy, calm and cool. tomorrow, sun cloud mix. still a warm day, a dry day and 76 degrees with relatively low humidity, tomorrow night a few
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clouds still down to 50 and cool, let's check out that seven day forecast. bottom line is a couple more nice days in the offing, in the upper 70s. as we look to the weekend there will be that chance of a shower, storm, especially late in the day saturday and we think the rain chances will go up sunday into monday. right now that unsettled weather pattern we thought could arrive as early as friday. we are pushing that back, it could be toward the second half of the weekend. >> we could just push it off the map. >> we like it to not -- we will see. >> all right. >> the winner of the kentucky derby back home. >> that's coming up after the break. now a look at night line. >> coming up, homeowners in the flood zone rush to save what they can as the mississippi river crests in memphis and surges southward. plus, she started pure star
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. here is the press box sports report. we get more for our money. the orioles took a 5-4 lead in to the 9th but kevin greg let it slip away. what do you give a horse when he comes home a champion?
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a bucket of feed. animal kingdom is going to bed in his own staal stall tonight. he will jog around the track tomorrow, take a couple days to catch up with other 3-year- old's in the barn. >> maybe he can win. >> triple crown. >> i can't wait. >> like it. nice looking night out there, one last look and this is the view from robert coleman elementary, starry night but a few clouds through the day tomorrow. i think we are back in the mid70's. a great looking day and want to remind you we are -- new weather blog, talking about the tornado ravaged south. wild videos. >> we will be right back.
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